I renewed my daughter’s residence visa in Hong Kong this morning. Last year they only gave her one year instead of two because her visa could not be granted past the passport expiry date. This time we got three years. Good news for her.

So, while we were waiting she asked me what is my greatest fear, to which I replied, “running out of money”. Fairly standard, I would think for someone of my age group given that average life expectancy once you reach 55 suddenly shoots up. I can only assume this is because all those that brought the average age down are already dead.

How do you ensure your money will last you to potentially 30 more years?

I like to think I know the answer to that question, of course. I certainly believe that in my case, I have it sorted.

My more honest answer to her question might have been that she is the source of my biggest fears, and to a lesser extent, all my other children.